Here's what OUR CLIENTS are saying about us:

"David helped all along the way with me, he referred me to doctors to get the care I needed, got me info to file a victims case with the state to have my medical taken care of until settlement. Stayed in contact with me, gave me sound advice and got me a great settlement!" -Taylor M. January 13, 2016

"I highly recommend David Nauheim who is knowledgeable, thoughtful and understands the legal process and is willing to fight for rights of his clients. David was able to clearly explain the legal process which in turn helped me make decisions that might have had a much different result if it were not for David’s expertise. I knew he was a strong advocate for me and as I said earlier , I highly recommend David Nauheim for any legal needs, he treats his clients like real people and I certainly thank him for that." -Gabriel C. December 22, 2015

"David paid attention to details, and helped me out with his best effort to contact all my doctors and related witnesses to win my case. David does not treat me like number but as a real client, with real human being interaction. I feel like he help me personally and selflessly. I do not expect to be in an accident in the future but if I was, he would be my lawyer of choice." -Wen A. September. 5, 2014

"David was upfront about everything through out the entire process. His work is excellent and he was always thinking ahead just to cover all bases. He also was very knowledgeable about my particular case. He did everything he said he would do, and listened to me and did everything I wanted him to do. Very awesome attorney and I highly recommend him!!" -John B. December 17, 2013

"I was faced with an untenable situation with my employer who chose to mandate a particular practice upon their employees without the benefit of having negotiated the terms with my union. . . . I can not recommend David highly enough. He was accessible, patient, thorough and precise. He was available and responsive to emails and calls. He also proved excellent at a little hand-holding and sympathizing which was a very personal touch that very much mattered to me. Best of all I prevailed but I could not have done it without David Nauheim's help and professional experience and practice." -Sarina F. January 28, 2013

Here's what our colleagues are saying about us:

"After reviewing his work, specifically the work regarding the defense experts in this case, I am convinced that David Nauheim's efforts on behalf of his client were superlative. Like many lawyers, I feel I owe my client an ethical obligation to do everything I can to try and get the best result possible, and that I must spend whatever time or reasonable expense necessary to achieve that result. Mr. Nauheim shares this commitment to justice and refused to provide his client with less representation, although the defense sought to make her case complex and expensive." Hon. Randolph Gordon, JD Harvard Law,  former Washington State Senator, Adjunct Professor of Law at Seattle University School of Law, March 13, 2013